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The Lake House

The lake house was a challenging project. The site was steeply sloped from the back of the lot down to the water. Stormwater runoff would flow directly toward the house and occasionally flood the basement. There was also significant permitting issues associated with the project.

Using locally sourced stone and a native plant palette, JCLA designed a terraced garden system with walkways and sitting areas that blended with the natural lake environment.

Modern Suburban House

The modern house had a large footprint that bisected the narrow steeply sloped lot. The challenge was to design a space that felt private but large. There were areas for recreation, entertaining, and also a large rain garden for stormwater infiltration.

The front terraced garden used polished concrete retaining walls, river rock and a palette of succulents to fit the neighborhood vernacular while also creating a xeriscape, low maintenance garden. The back yard used more natural stone and some larger shrubs and trees to create a sense of enclosure and privacy.

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