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JCLA was established in the spring of 2014 when Joe left his job at a large civil/environmental engineering firm in Cambridge Massachusetts to start his own practice. In his time at the engineering firm, he developed a strong technical background in site grading, stormwater control measures, and site layout.

Joe has used those skills in combination with his passion for design and artistic flair to create vibrant and unique landscapes based on the distinctive characteristics of the sites he designs. The existing site’s geometry, flora, materials, and history all come into play when creating the desired user experience and vision of the client.

Joe’s works have included designs of public spaces such as parks, streetscapes, recreational facilities and bike paths. He has also worked with clients creating residential designs, housing developments, corporate campuses, and function spaces.

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Joe Coan, RLA

Joe’s Thoughts on the Design Process :

“You can use an eraser on the
drafting table or a sledgehammer on
the construction site”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

This quote always spoke to me. It really simplifies the purpose and value of hiring a quality landscape architect. There are a lot of firms out there that focus on flashy graphics and designing their next portfolio piece. They assume the contractor can figure everything out during construction. I have always taken great satisfaction in being detail oriented and making sure every aspect of my designs will function correctly and will stand the test of time while also being aesthetically pleasing.

I am driven by enthusiasm. When a client gets excited about an idea or a concept, I get excited on figuring out how to make it work.